Celebrating Autistic Pride Day: A compilation of blogs by autistic authors


Today we celebrate Autistic Pride. To mark the event, we would like to share with you some of our favourite blogs written by autistic people. Each blogger shares a few words to introduce their website, and some of the motivations behind writing it. 


Just Stimming, Julia Bascom 

Julia named her blog after the many times she heard special educators and SLPs dismissing students as ‘just stimming’ while exploring their AAC devices. 

“I line up words, make lists, and pace back and forth shaking my hands in the air — sometimes at the end I have an essay. Our words have been dismissed and our voices have been silenced for a long time but we all have something to say” says Julia. 

You can read Julia’s blog here


Autistic Future, Larkin Taylor-Parker

Law graduate and disability rights advocate Larkin Taylor-Parker notes “the truth is that there are a lot of disability communities with different needs and concerns. The one thing I feel fairly comfortable saying is almost all of us want is ownership of our own lives, futures of our own”. 

Larkin’s website includes a resources page, and a blog outlining his experiences and thoughts on topical issues. 

You can read Larkin’s blog here


Spaced Out & Smiling, Jamie Knight 

Jamie works for the BBC as a senior accessibility specialist, and introduces his blog as a means to explore “what it means to be autistically happy and sharing what we learn as we transition to independent living”. On his website, you’ll find a transition journal, reviews, a techniques library where he shares some of his top tips, and copies of his presentations. 

You can read Jamie’s blog here


Chavisory’s Notebook, Emily Paige Ballou 

Emily works as a stage manager in New York, and co-edited the Autism Women's Network anthology “What Every Autistic Girl Wishes Her Parents Knew”. 

“I started my blog as an outlet for the opinions I would otherwise be in danger of venting on everyone around me” says Emily. It has now grown to include autism resources, a collection of quotes and links to several other authors and articles.  

You can read Emily's blog here


Yes, That Too, Alyssa Hillary

Yes, That Too is the blog of Autistic writer, artist, neuroscience student and math teacher Alyssa Hillary. Their blog contains a wealth of posts on autism and disability topics, including the author’s part time AAC use. 

“I started my blog because sometimes I just need to get my thoughts out, and text is my most effective way of figuring out and then communicating my ideas” Alyssa explains. 

You can read Alyssa’s blog here

Actually Autistic Blogs List, An Autism Observer

This resource is for anybody who would like to hear more from bloggers who identify as Autistic. Use the in-site search engine to look for something specific, or just scroll through to find bloggers, articles and other resources.

You can find the lists here

Are there any other blogs that you enjoy reading? We would love to hear about them. You can get in touch at: support@assistiveware.com, or leave your comments below.

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