Recently featured on CBS' 60 Minutes, Proloquo2Go 1.7 delivers user requested features focussed on layout customization as well as organizational improvements. This is a free update for current users.

Proloquo2Go is changing the world for people who have difficulty speaking. People with autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, ALS, developmental disabilities and beyond benefit from the Proloquo2Go speech technology.

New Features and Enhancements in Proloquo2Go:

  • The message window is now resizable, supporting a larger backspace button.
  • The navigation bar is now resizable, supporting a larger back button.
  • The space between items can now be adjusted.
  • All Settings are now consolidated into the Options View.
  • The Options view can now be password protected.
  • Changes to Appearance settings are now live-updated on iPad.
  • Additional voices can now be downloaded in the background.
  • Auto-spacing now handles punctuation better.
  • Numerous small enhancements and fixes.

Proloquo is Latin for speak out loud and that's exactly what it helps people do! It has taken the world by storm and is regularly featured in newspapers such as USA Today and The New York Times, as well as by major TV networks. AssistiveWare won a prestigious BETT Award 2011 for Proloquo2Go earlier this year and Proloquo2Go was featured in CBS' 60 Minutes last month.

This is an application that changes people's lives. At US$ 189.99 Proloquo2Go costs a fraction of the dedicated devices it rivals, which typically cost anywhere between US$ 2500 and US$ 8000. Users and speech-language pathologists love Proloquo2Go and over 200 Assistive Technology centers already include it in client evaluations.

While some people need dedicated devices, an iPod, iPhone or an iPad with Proloquo2Go brings communication within reach of many people with autism, Down syndrome, apraxia, ALS, cerebral palsy and victims of stroke and others who could never before afford a communication device.