We are excited to announce that AssistiveWare will be attending the ISAAC Mexico conference, which brings together experts and enthusiasts in the field of augmentative and alternative communication.

We are looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations, sharing our knowledge, and learning from others.

Our sessions at ISAAC 2023

Reframing Modeling: what modeling is and what it is not.

Presenters: Amanda and Barbara

It is accepted that modeling is best practice when supporting someone learning to use AAC. Communication partners should use AAC to teach AAC; they should model. But is all modeling equal? Let’s dive deep into our current knowledge base around modeling and propose a better framework. We will examine a framework for modeling that supports communication partners to model with fidelity and consistency. This interactive session will give participants the chance to analyze, discuss and try some different phases of modeling and reflect personally on how these new ideas could be applied to the people they support.

Timing and session details: TBC

Different parents, different needs: how to better guide parents with their AAC implementation.

Presenters: Barbara

This interactive session focuses on guiding parents towards implementing AAC and following best practice by creating a communication environment that is crucial for success in AAC. Participants will be presented with a motivational model that shows four different personas and will work in small breakout groups to brainstorm strategies for guiding each persona. The session emphasizes the importance of communication partners in achieving successful communication.

Timing and session details: TBC

What words should we use to talk about AAC? Results from the AAC Terminology Survey.

Presenters Alyssa and Lily

Words are the building blocks of language, and language is how we tell stories. It’s how we tell each other who we are. Words can shape perceptions—calling AAC a “clinical practice” paints a very different picture from saying AAC is “all the ways we communicate.”

In early 2022, AssistiveWare ran an online survey, asking people with a variety of relationships to AAC what they thought about 119 different words and phrases. The first research of its kind, the AssistiveWare survey resonated deeply with the community—in total 556 people participated. In this session, we present results from the survey.

Timing and location details: TBC

AAC: Whole-school practice, whole-school success.

Presenters: Shannon and Amanda

In the past few years, we have seen many schools in Australia taking a whole-school approach to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Communication had been identified in schools as a priority area. See how taking a whole-school approach to AAC can make a difference for all learners and shape success for school communities.

Schools have taken action by focusing on three key areas: Tools, Environments, and Communication Partners.

The commitment from schools to adopt and use AAC across all classrooms resulted in shifting attitudes, changing teaching practices, and the growth of strong culture around AAC.

Timing and location details: TBC

Is this AAC vocabulary robust and inclusive? An evaluation and design framework.

Presenters: Erin and David

When we designed the Proloquo Evolution vocabulary, we did extensive research to identify 5 principles that would tell us if the vocabulary was robust and inclusive. Robust meant we wanted to ensure we provided sufficient words for users to participate in the world. Inclusive meant we wanted to ensure the vocabulary was appropriate for all ages and across cultures and identities. This session describes those 5 principles and invites participants to use these principles to evaluate any AAC vocabulary.

Timing and location details: TBC

We will be sharing further details about our participation and activities at the event soon, so stay tuned for updates.

We look forward to meeting you at ISAAC Mexico and exploring ways to enhance communication access and inclusion for all.