Come and visit us on booth 13 to ask us questions, demo our apps, pick up a Core Word Board or simply say hello! We're also looking forward to sharing our knowledge at sessions this year.  

Tuesday 24 July

An AAC system for now and later: Amanda Hartmann and David Niemeijer

08.30-10.30, Room 4

A Guide to Communication Partner Skills: Amanda Hartmann 

16:00-17:00, Arena 1a

Wednesday 25 July

Choose your words! Amanda Hartmann and David Niemeijer 

09:30-10:30, Room 6

Selecting vocabulary for a diverse population: José Perez 

11:00-12:30, Room 1

Thursday 26 July

Applying User Centered Design to AAC solutions, services and supports: José Perez 

11:00-12:00, Room 4