1 minute read | July 18, 2022

The ATIA conference is the world's most extensive assistive technology conference showcasing international excellence in the field.

Orlando, Florida

Over the past 23 years, ATIA has been a community gathering for assistive technology practitioners, teachers, parents and caregivers, persons with disabilities and more to learn, network and share on the best in assistive technology. We are joining others in the AAC field and gathering together for ATIA 2023, January 31 — February 4, 2023, in Orlando, Florida and virtually!

Our sessions at ATIA 2023

What’s new from AssistiveWare

Presented by David Niemeijer - Thursday, 2nd February \ 2:00 PM - 2:20 PM
Where: Product Demo Center

Get an overview of what’s new from AssistiveWare.
In 2022 we launched Proloquo and Proloquo Coach globally. Combining a revolutionary new communication app and a ground-breaking coaching app, join this session to find out why we refer to them as “next-generation AAC service”.

We’ll also talk about ‘This Is Not About Me’ - a documentary about AAC user Jordyn Zimmerman and her experiences in the educational system that we co-produced and released in 2021.

Lastly we’ll cover the results from our recent AAC terminology survey.

Introduction to Proloquo and Proloquo Coach: AssistiveWare’s Next Generation AAC

Presented by David Niemeijer and Erin Sheldon - Friday, Feb 03 | 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Where: Curacao 1/2

Join the introduction to AssistiveWare’s next-generation AAC service based on the new Proloquo and Proloquo Coach apps.
Proloquo offers a simple, efficient AAC solution designed to scaffold families and professionals in effective AAC implementation. It includes a new, cutting-edge Crescendo Evolution™ vocabulary based on the latest research and anonymous language use data from tens of thousands of AAC users.
Proloquo Coach is an AAC best-practice coach that supports communication partners to implement AAC and reduce the risk of abandonment.
We will share the ideas behind this new service, demo the apps and explain their unique features.

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Our team members at the event: