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AAC parents and professionals working together

How can we create the most suitable circumstances for an AAC user to succeed? How do we communicate and collaborate at home and in school? Our kids win when we can find ways to work together. By listening, engaging, and encouraging, both parents and professionals can help our AAC users thrive together.
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Communication partner skills: Do you have them?

There is a lot of research about communication partner behavior and how they interact with non-speaking people and/or AAC users. We clearly see that speaking people dominate the conversations. In the on-demand training video “Communication partner skills” Part 1 and 2, part of our AAC training series, our senior Speech Pathologist Amanda Hartmann teaches tips, tricks and strategies that will help us all become successful communication partners.
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Respecting privacy in AAC

Autism Acceptance Month challenges us to examine how we teach autonomy and privacy to people learning to use AAC. Alyssa Hillary is an Autistic graduate student in neuroscience, where they do AAC-related research. Their perspective on privacy and autonomy was so powerful that it needed its own blog, which they tell about in their own words here.
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Roleplaying Games and AAC

Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text user Darla talks about her love for roleplaying games. Darla explains why they’re a perfect method to teach social and communication skills, all with the help of AAC!
9 minute read
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