Keyboard, pen and notepad with photo of author Alyssa Hillary on table

Respecting privacy in AAC

Autism Acceptance Month challenges us to examine how we teach autonomy and privacy to people learning to use AAC. Alyssa Hillary is an Autistic graduate student in neuroscience, where they do AAC-related research. Their perspective on privacy and autonomy was so powerful that it needed its own blog, which they tell about in their own words here.

Illustration of people in a camp setting with text "AAC Camps 2019"

AAC Camps 2019

Summer will be here before you know it – which means it’s time to start planning your trip to an AAC camp!

Girl using Proloquo2Go on an iPad
Tara Coghlan
Communications Specialist

New in Proloquo2Go 6: AirDrop

With this update, we’re making it super easy to share your vocabulary with other devices. To do this, we’ve added AirDrop options for buttons, folders, and entire backups.