Autism Acceptance Month Discount 2024

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From April 16 to April 23, AssistiveWare will offer 50% off some of our most popular AAC apps.

We are committed to expanding access to AAC, so in honor of Autism Acceptance Month, we offer an 8-day discount on our apps.

Get 50% off

1Proloquo (iOS) Proloquo sets a new standard for English-language AAC apps for anyone who can independently use an iPad. Based on years of research, it is the only AAC app designed to meet the needs of all ages without sacrificing ease of use or efficiency.

As part of your subscription, you’ll gain access to Proloquo Coach - an invaluable source of AAC knowledge, giving you 24/7 access to AAC experts. This discount is valid for new Proloquo users for one year.

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How to Claim the Discount

2Proloquo2Go(Mac and iOS) is the most popular AAC app on the market. It's highly flexible and can be personalized to cater to individual needs and various disabilities.

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3Proloquo4Text (Mac and iOS) is a Text-to-Speech app for literate AAC users seeking a more efficient communication solution.

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4Pictello is a story-telling app. You can create visual narratives and build literacy skills while having fun.

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5Keeble is an accessible keyboard designed to make typing in almost any iOS app more accessible and faster for people with physical and visual disabilities.

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Educational discounts

If you’re purchasing one of our one-time purchase apps for a school or educational organization, you can take advantage of an additional 50% off when you buy 20 copies or more of our apps through Apple School Manager. That’s a total discount of 75%.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the discount available?

The discount is available globally.

What is the discounted price?

App prices vary from country to country, so we recommend checking the local price in your App Store. The price displayed in the App Store from April 16-23 is the discounted price.

Is simPODD part of the discount?

Unfortunately, simPODD will not be part of the discount in April 2024. We’re working to make simPODD a part of discounts in the future.

How does the Proloquo discount work?

Download the latest version of Proloquo from the App Store ( you need version 4.1.2 to get access to the discount). Open it, and once you reach the subscription page, copy the promo code for the subscription you’d like to purchase.

Proloquo discount screen
Proloquo subscription screen with discount code
  • Use code AAM2024MONTH for a monthly subscription
  • Use code AAM2024YEAR for a yearly subscription

Click on Redeem code. Paste the code on the following screen. Note that the discount is only available to new customers - if you've already started a trial or a subscription you will not get access to the discount.


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