Access to AAC is more important than ever

In terms of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) this has been a very challenging year. In March, the world went into lockdown, and many schools closed. From one day to the next, children were at home without their AAC system. Therapists had to provide teletherapy, often without access to the school iPad with AAC apps. We responded by providing a temporary license for students and therapists. We also created Crescendo quick communication boards for those without access to an iPad or other AAC device.

Access to AAC is more important than ever, also given the turmoil in the world. AAC users need to be able to speak about the coronavirus pandemic and the protests about discrimination and violence.

If there is one thing we have learned from the pandemic, it is that everyone needs their own AAC system. Shared devices don’t work with lockdowns.

AAC Awareness Month Discount

To make it easier for families, individuals, and schools on a budget, we will be offering our traditional 50% discount for 5 days instead of 3 and include more apps than ever.

In addition to Proloquo2Go, the Gateway vocabulary, Proloquo4Text, Keeble, and Pictello on iOS, we are also discounting Mac apps. The Mac versions of Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text are ideal for teletherapy.

Last but not least, we will be offering our on-demand AAC training videos at 50% off during the discount period. Learn from some of our world-renowned AAC specialists!

Save the date!

The 50% discount will be in effect worldwide from Monday, October 12th through Friday, October 16th. No need to fill in a discount code - you’ll see the discounted amount in the App Store.

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Discount also available for volume purchase discount

The discount also applies to Apple’s Educational Volume Purchase Program (VPP). When your school or educational organization purchases 20 copies or more, you get an additional 50% off. That’s 75% off!


Do you have a question about the upcoming discount? Not sure which devices are supported? Our Support team is here to help. You can get reach them 24/7 at

Good to know

The discount percentage is based on the US App Store. Exact prices vary from country to country. Bundles will not be discounted during this promotion.

It is also good to know that simPODD is not included in this discount since it is a subscription app. You can already get a free trial and a two-month discount when you choose the annual subscription.