Our AAC apps are on offer to mark AAC Awareness Month

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From 11–17 October, get an extra trial month for free on AssistiveWare’s new AAC apps, Proloquo and Proloquo Coach, and 50% off on our popular AAC apps, including Proloquo2Go.

Every year, during AAC Awareness Month, we offer our AAC apps at a discount. Our goal is simple—we want to make our communication technology more accessible.

Offering more to AAC users in 2022

This year, we have two types of offers:

1. New customers get an extra trial month free for our subscription apps

  • Proloquo and Proloquo Coach
    Proloquo and Proloquo Coach are a set of apps that work together. Proloquo is an easy-to-use AAC app for iPad, and Proloquo Coach is to guide and support parents and caregivers of AAC users.
  • simPODD
    simPODD is our easy to use app, designed to provide the best possible PODD experience. Use simPODD electronically and to print PODD books.

2. A 50% discount on popular AAC apps and services

  • Proloquo2Go (Mac and iOS)
    The most popular AAC app—it has all you need for communication and language growth, and you can customize it to fit a variety of needs.
  • Gateway vocabulary
    Gateway is an additional, efficient core word vocabulary for children, teens, and adults. It is available as an optional in-app purchase in Proloquo2Go.
  • Proloquo4Text (Mac and iOS)
    A text-to-speech app for literate AAC users looking for a more efficient communication solution.
  • Pictello
    Use this app to create visual social stories or build narratives. Stories are the building block of language -build literacy skills, while having fun.
  • Keeble
    An accessible keyboard designed to make typing in almost any iOS app easier and faster for people with physical and vision impairments.
  • AAC on-demand training videos
    Are you stuck with AAC? Don’t know where to start? Or would you like to take your AAC knowledge to the next level? We will be offering our on-demand AAC training videos at 50% off too. Learn from some of our world-renowned AAC specialists from the comfort of your home.

Save the date

The extra trial month and 50% discount will be worldwide from Tuesday, 11 October to Monday, 17 October. You will not need a discount code to take advantage of this—you’ll see the discounted price in the App Store, and get your extra trial month for free in-app.

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Discounts on volume purchase

Get a total of 75% off with Apple School Manager. When your school or educational organization purchases 20 copies or more, you get an additional 50% off. Find out more about the service.


Do you have a question about the upcoming offer? Not sure which devices are supported? We are here to help. Send us an email at support@assistiveware.com

Good to know

  • Exact prices vary from country to country—check your local price in the App Store. Note that during the offer period, the price you see is the discounted price.
  • Bundles are not included in this promotion.


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