AAC Awareness Month discount: October 10-17 2023

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Get 50% off AssistiveWare’s most popular AAC apps, including Proloquo2Go. Also, get an extra free month trial on our newest duo of apps, Proloquo and Proloquo Coach.

AssistiveWare’s mission is to make AAC an effective and accepted means of communication. The first step in this mission is expanding the use of AAC. That’s why we offer a 50% discount or a two-month free trial on a range of our top AAC apps and learning solutions, making them more accessible to families, individuals, and schools on a budget.

Apps with two-month free trial:

1.Proloquo & Proloquo Coach are two apps that work together. Proloquo is an intuitive AAC app for iPad. Proloquo Coach guides and supports parents and caregivers of AAC users.


2.simPODD is our easy-to-use app, designed to provide the best possible PODD experience. Use simPODD electronically and print PODD books.


50% off these apps:

1.Proloquo2Go (Mac and iOS) is the most popular AAC app. It has everything you need for communication and language growth. You can customize it to fit various needs.

2.Gateway is an efficient core word vocabulary for children, teens, and adults. It is available as an optional in-app purchase in Proloquo2Go.


3.Proloquo4Text (Mac and iOS) is a Text-to-Speech app for literate AAC users seeking a more efficient communication solution.


4.Pictello is a story-telling app. You can create visual narratives and build literacy skills while having fun.


5.Keeble is an accessible keyboard designed to make typing in almost any iOS app more accessible and faster for people with physical and visual impairments.


Additionally, we’re providing on-demand AAC training videos at a 50% discount, enabling you to expand your AAC knowledge from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re struggling with implementing AAC, wanting to elevate your AAC proficiency, or looking to get started, these videos serve as an invaluable resource.

Educational discounts

If you’re purchasing for a school or educational organization, you can take advantage of an additional 50% off when you purchase 20 copies or more of our apps through Apple School Manager. That’s a total discount of 75%.

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Good to know

It’s important to note that this discount is available worldwide. However, the specific app prices may vary from one country to another, so we recommend checking the local price in your App Store. The price is displayed in the App Store from October 10-17 reflects the discounted price.

Please be aware that bundles are not accessible during the discount period, as they already provide exceptional value for your money.

You can still use this discount even if you don’t currently own a compatible device. Simply download the app on any compatible iOS or iPadOS device by logging in with your Apple ID. You can purchase the app on that device and re-download it once you have it.

If you have any inquiries regarding the discount or the compatibility of our apps with your device, our Support team is available to assist you 24/7 at support@assistiveware.com.


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