Update 7 October, 2019: simPODD is now also available in the United States and Canada.

Update September 8, 2019: simPODD is now also available in the United Kingdom. The worldwide release is still planned for October this year.

Update August 29, 2019: simPODD is now available in Australia and New Zealand. The worldwide release will follow in October.

What is simPODD?

simPODD makes using PODD simpler than ever, combining digital page sets and printing in one app. Our team built everything specifically for PODD, so set-up, editing, and communication are intuitive and easy.

The printing function for PODD books is right inside the app – the first PODD app in English which will offer that! Just select a book and customize. You can print the book all at once, instead of page by page. It only takes a few minutes!

simPODD will use the SymbolStix symbol set from n2y, which Proloquo2Go users will already recognize.

What is PODD?

PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display) is a popular AAC system created and owned by Gayle Porter.

PODD organizes vocabulary around communication function and predicted likely vocabulary usage for more efficient communication. PODD's range of books and page sets support aided language development from first words to complex syntax. The books and page sets that are designed for early language communicators include additional strategies such as pragmatic branch starters. This supports more intelligible and varied communication.