How can I prevent apps from being deleted?

By default, it is very easy to delete third party apps on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. You can delete an app holding on its icon until it begins to wiggle, tapping the "X" that appears above it, and tapping "Delete" in the dialog box that appears.

It is possible to prevent the deletion of apps, such as Proloquo2Go, Proloquo4Text, Pictello, and News-2-You in iOS. To activate this feature, go to the Settings app on your device's home screen, tap General, scroll down, tap Restrictions, tap Enable Restrictions, create a four digit passcode and enter it again when prompted, and then toggle Deleting Apps to OFF.

We strongly recommend that you turn off the ability to delete apps to protect your Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text customizations and Pictello stories.

Important Note: It is still possible to delete an app even after activating this feature if you go to Settings > General > [device] Storage > Proloquo2Go > Delete App.

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