Road to Proloquo2Go 4 - Grammar Support

Hear hear hear! Proloquo2Go 4.0 is coming! In the upcoming Road to Proloquo2Go 4.0 blog posts, you will read about the cool new features we have in store for you.

Just as AAC is more than requesting, language development is more than learning words. To communicate fully, you need to know a language’s grammar - how words are combined into sentences, and how some words change their structure to convey different meanings. For example, “run” is an English verb, but to express something that happened in the past, you would say “ran”.


This change of the word “run” to “ran” is called an inflection. In order to develop language, an AAC user needs to have access to inflections such as verb tenses, possessives and plurals. If you are already familiar with Proloquo2Go, you know that users have access to some inflections by holding down or double-tapping on verbs and nouns.

Grammar development

In Proloquo2Go 3 and earlier, users had access to only the most commonly used inflections: simple verb tenses and plural and possessive nouns. Grammar development is an area that is often difficult for AAC users. One of the reasons it can be challenging for an AAC user to develop mature grammar use is that most AAC systems do not provide them with access to all possible inflections. Imagine having to learn a complex grammatical system by just hearing and reading it, with only limited opportunities to use the grammar system yourself! Most people would find this a very difficult task.

Having access to more

We believe AAC is about language development, and grammar is an essential part of language development. For this reason, we will be offering improved grammar support in Proloquo2Go 4.0. We’ll be adding the full range of verb tenses, and adding inflections for pronouns and adjectives. Users can hold down or double-tap on for example "good" to get access to "better", "best" and "well".

Pronouns in Proloquo2Go 4.0 Adjectives in Proloquo2Go 4.0
Pronouns Adjectives

Extra help

Users will also be able to preview their choices by hearing them before they select one to add to the message window. Simply tap "Preview" and any of the words tapped will not be added to the Message Window but spoken aloud.

Completely customizable

It goes without saying that not all inflections will be applicable for each user. Grammar support will still be customizable so a user will not be overwhelmed and inflections can be gradually introduced. Nevertheless, we want to give everyone the tools they need to reach their potential for full communication - that’s what AAC is all about.

Next week we will show our grammar support for verbs in more detail, so keep an eye out for the next Road to Proloquo2Go blog post!

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