The Crescendo™ vocabulary offers consistent core word placement, extensive fringe and flexibility

Easy access to core words

Consistent core word placement

Easy access to “core words” is key for efficient communication. Core words are the high-frequency words, such as “I”, “you”, “go”, “do” that make up most of what we say. But not every AAC vocabulary keeps them in a consistent location. In Crescendo, buttons for core words appear in the same place on the home and fringe pages. This consistency supports learning through motor planning, a process your brain goes through when learning a new skill. Through consistent repetition, you learn to carry out tasks automatically.

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Grows along with the user

Three integrated vocabulary levels

Proloquo2Go is one of the few AAC apps that covers all users, from beginning to advanced communicators, while catering for a wide range of fine-motor, visual and cognitive skills. Crescendo offers three pre-programmed vocabulary levels: Basic Communication, and the research-based Intermediate Core and Advanced Core levels. Users can move up and between levels while customizations are retained.

Flexibility to explore language

Pre-populated fringe pages you can customize

“Fringe” words are the more specific words used in conversation. Some AAC systems have less fringe words to allow for efficient navigation and access. But this approach limits the user’s ability to explore language and expand vocabulary. Crescendo gives you access to 4,750 unique words and another 7,250 words pre-categorized in storage. The unique VocaPriority™ system makes customization of fringe pages a breeze without needing to delete or create buttons. Of course, you can also add buttons selecting from over 20,000 SymbolStix® symbols or by using your own photos. You can choose from 23 different grid sizes.

Full Spanish and bilingual support

Your vocabulary in English, Spanish, French or two at the same time

With Crescendo, you can switch instantly between languages at any time, even mix languages mid-sentence. You can benefit from grammar support in both active languages. And you can select various regional vocabularies:

  • American
  • British
  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • North American
  • Castilian
  • Metropolitan
  • Canadian

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