Finding her own voice - Vanessa Part 2

This is the second time we filmed Vanessa, who is diagnosed with autism and now 4 years old. Last year, she just started using Proloquo2Go and could not speak at all. She would point at what she wanted. She hardly approximated words, most of the times her parents were guessing what she wanted. Since then her confidence level has grown and she is approaching other children using the app. She has begun to speak. When she is stuck on a word or if there is something new that she wants or needs, the family can easily add it into the program and the block is gone.

Watch Vanessa's first video Blossoming as a child.

Disclaimer: Note that this video presents an unscripted case study and any statements made in the video pertain to this particular case and are not intended as a comprehensive product evaluation or recommendation. Different people have different needs and it is always recommended to get an AAC evaluation from an expert.

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