Latest News

03 Feb

Today's release, Pictello 3.1, adds two new female voices, American English Sharon and German Claudia. Both voices are more natural, fluid and intelligible as they are based on new linguistic processes by Acapela Group. The update also includes the very first genuine Swedish children’s voices: Filip and Freja.

02 Feb

Good news for our Swedish speakers! Today we released the first-ever genuine Swedish Text to Speech children’s voices: Filip and Freja. These voices are made by and for children, and are the seventh Text to Speech siblings that AssistiveWare co-created with Acapela Group.

21 Jan

Jamie Martin, Assistive Technology Consultant for Students and Adults with Dyslexia shares five alternatives to PowerPoint with you. He starts the list with our storytelling app Pictello, pointing out how the app allows kids to present information using images and short videos, voice recordings (as narration) and text that can be read aloud.

24 Nov

Wrise 1.2 adds a feature that was frequently requested by our users: Insert and Replace Tags. You will now be able to quickly add and edit multiple tags, which allow you to define speed, voice, language and more, at once.

20 Nov

Today we released Proloquo2Go 4.2, which adds new customization features for Apple Watch, support for iPad Pro and support for Acapela Group’s my-own-voice project.

12 Nov

Today we released the Accessible Text-based AAC bundle, which includes our communication app Proloquo4Text and our accessible iOS keyboard Keeble. If you buy the bundle you save $15! Already have Proloquo4Text or Keeble? Simpy complete your bundle and pay the difference.