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05 Apr

Former nurse Judy Miles of Omaha lost her gift of speech after a debilitating car accident last year, which also left her unable to recognize words or numbers. Proloquo2Go is restoring her ability to communicate verbally.

04 Apr

Wynsum Arts interviews AssistiveWare's CEO David Niemeijer about the company and about AAC app Proloquo2Go, which makes their 2012 Apps of Distinction list.

You can read the whole article on the Wynsum Arts website.

02 Apr

Australian TV program A Current Affair covered a wonderful story of how Proloquo2Go "is set to revolutionise the way children with autism communicate with loved ones." The TV story shows how John, a young boy with autism, is developing his speech and, according to the mother, has become much less frustrated.

02 Apr

John Mavrothalassitis used to communicate using pictures and one or two words. But over the past 18 months, the seven-year-old, who has autism, has started speaking in sentences with the help of an iPad application.

31 Mar

At the Jefferson Rehabilitation Center's Bright Beginnings Early Learning Center in the US, about two thirds of the students have special needs. Some have a hard time communicating through speech. But, with the help of the iPad and Proloquo2Go, they now have a voice.

22 Mar

Judy Miles, a former nurse, was hit by a car last year and since then is unable to recognize words or numbers. She now speaks through Proloquo2Go on her iPad.