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20 Apr

The Loop's Jim Dalrymple, covering our recent survey, reports that while more children than ever are being diagnosed with Autism, many are finding a bit of relief by using some form of modern technology, like Apple’s iPad.

17 Apr

New Communication Benefits and Challenges Revealed In Survey Conducted by AssistiveWare, Maker of iOS App Proloquo2Go, and University of San Diego and CSU San Marcos Professors.

11 Apr

Today we released Infovox iVox 3. With Infovox iVox 3 it is no longer required to purchase all voices for a language at once. Based on user feedback the voices can now be purchased à la carte by using voice credits, with prices starting at $20 (North America) and € 20 excluding VAT (elsewhere) for use on up to two computers. Discounts are available for multiple voice and multiple computer licenses.

11 Apr

The Herald-News wrote an article about Jayden McCallum, a 7-year-old who was diagnosed with autism when he was 2. One of the hardest things for Jayden is not being able to communicate with his peers, teachers or even his own family. Words just don’t come out the way Jayden intends, and he becomes frustrated.

05 Apr

HLN's Digital Lifestyle Contributor Mario Armstrong talks about how technology is making it easier for those with autism to communicate. He says: "People with autism that I have experienced get frustrated, because they know what they are trying to say but just can't get it out correctly. And these devices are making a big difference."

05 Apr

Former nurse Judy Miles of Omaha lost her gift of speech after a debilitating car accident last year, which also left her unable to recognize words or numbers. Proloquo2Go is restoring her ability to communicate verbally.