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19 Jun

We are thrilled to announce the release of Proloquo2Go 2.0! This free update for our existing users offer two completely new vocubularies, more powerful editing options and many users requested features.

19 Jun

We are proud to share that, as a first in the industry, Proloquo2Go now offers two real British children’s voices: Harry and Rosie. These were developed in collaboration between AssistiveWare and Acapela Group.

20 May

Urban Times featured Proloquo2Go in an article about AAC solutions for children with autism.

"The number of children affected by autism in the last 10 years has risen drastically. This last decade has witnessed a boon in technology of all kinds. At a time when leaps and bounds in technology spark debate regarding the erosion of authentic human communications and interactions, iPads, Proloquo2Go and others like it are forging new lines of communication for those who might not have otherwise have had the chance to be heard and validated."

15 May

In 2009, Sharia was diagnosed with autism. She uses an iPad with Proloquo2Go to help her communicate. Before having the iPad, Sharia's only way of communicating was crying. She was non-verbal and had no way of expressing what she wanted or how she was feeling.

"What the iPad has done has given her a sense of control that she never had before," her father said. "She knows when you touch it, something is supposed to happen. She knows she doesn't need to cry, she needs to point."

03 May

Enrique is a second-grader with special needs. Among other things he is diagnosed with verbal apraxia, a motor skill disorder that makes it unable for him to speak. However, with the help of his family and his school he has found his voice.

28 Apr

Version 1.8.5 combines optimization for the gorgeous Retina display of the new iPad and a number of much requested features with bug fixes and stability enhancements.