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05 Mar

Sadie is a student at Monck Public School in Bracebridge. Born with a genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome, her verbal communication is limited. However, she has no problem interacting with her teachers, family and peers, and showing that she understand everything, by using Proloquo2Go on an iPad.

23 Feb

Today we released Keeble 2.0, which adds support for French, Dutch and Spanish keyboard users and significantly enhances the accessibility for users with fine-motor challenges.

12 Feb

Today we released Proloquo4Text 2.0, which adds support for Greek, Arabic and Russian, and significantly enhances accessibility for users with fine-motor challenges.

27 Jan

Today we released Wrise, a word processor that makes reading and writing accessible for everyone. Designed to support reading comprehension and text composition it can also be beneficial for individuals with dyslexia. Its accessibility features offer support for people with vision impairments.

22 Dec

The Black Mountain School in Australia is a specialist secondary school for students with an intellectual disability. This year they held an Australian Citizenship Affirmation Ceremony with their school community. The ceremony really creates a sense of pride and encourages the students to have a sense of belonging.

25 Nov

Get your educational or accessible keyboard before November 30 to benefit from the introductory discount! The keyboards can be used in any app on your iPad.