Latest News

21 Nov

Today we released major updates for all our three keyboards. The updates add 7 new languages and three new keyboard layouts to the keyboards. In addition, we introduce several general and usability improvements.

10 Nov

Order online on our brand new Zazzle store our popular core word posters available in English (US/UK and AU), Spanish and French.

05 Oct

Today we released Proloquo2Go 4.4, which adds full French support to Proloquo2Go. The app offers a Metropolitan French and a Canadian French vocabulary, developed in collaboration with local AAC experts. For bilingual users, the app can be customized in Canadian English and French.

27 Sep

To recognize AAC Month and to celebrate the upcoming release of Proloquo2Go French, Proloquo2Go, Proloquo4Text and Keeble will be 50% off from October 5 until and including October 7.

21 Sep

Today our Core Word Classroom opens its doors! The classroom offers a large collection of learning resources, which are designed to support implementation of any AAC system that is based on core words.

25 Aug

Kayson (4 years old) finds Proloquo2Go and the support he needs at The Children's Center for Communication and Development on The University of Southern Mississippi's Hattiesburg campus.