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11 May

The New Certification Program is here! This is a program to accredit and support people wanting to be trainers on Proloquo2Go or Proloquo4Text. Take the test and get certified!

04 Apr

Mashable’s Social Good Reporter highlights 13 apps that are helping some members of the autistic community and others with similar needs. 

24 Mar

To recognize Autism Acceptance Day, we are offering a 50% discount on Saturday April 2, Sunday April 3, and Monday April 4.

08 Mar
Today we released version 4.3, with several exciting features and benefits.
09 Feb

This version addresses a bug that affected Switch Control users. Scanning no longer jumps back to the top of the screen after typing a key.

03 Feb

Today's release, Pictello 3.1, adds two new female voices, American English Sharon and German Claudia. Both voices are more natural, fluid and intelligible as they are based on new linguistic processes by Acapela Group. The update also includes the very first genuine Swedish children’s voices: Filip and Freja.