Latest News

01 Oct

October is AAC Awareness Month. This year, we want to move beyond the basics of AAC. Imagine if you were unable to say anything beyond “I want ___”. How long would your conversations last? AAC is more than requesting!

30 Sep

Our brand-new keyboards for education are released, so we have drawn 10 winners! Are you one of the winners? Check it now!

29 Sep

As of today our two brand new educational keyboards are available on the App Store. Both keyboards can be used in any app on your iPad.

25 Sep

Last week Apple launched iOS 8, the latest operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. To significantly expedite development, we have decided to gradually phase out support for older iOS versions, specifically iOS 5 and iOS 6.

18 Sep

Just released: Proloquo4Text 1.3, including a new Conversations Quick Block to easily switch between conversations, permanently more affordable pricing and several enhancements!

15 Sep

Today we released Proloquo2Go 3.0.4, a minor update that fixes a number of issues required for future compatibility. If you are using iOS 7 or later, please update to Proloquo2Go 3.0.4.