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Lisa Bywater
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editing help - deleting buttons

I copied some buttons and now I want to delete them. If I do that, both copies delete. I'm assuming I'm missing something in settings but I don't know what that is - help!

Anne Verhulp
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Hi Lisa,

Hi Lisa,

First, welcome to our Forum :)

Sorry to hear some content got deleted! Did you copy folders that included buttons, and then deleted some of the buttons within one of the folders? If you copy a folder, paste it and keep the same folder name, Proloquo2Go will only create a new button that links to the existing folder. If you then delete buttons from that folders, you are essentially editing in the original folder.

If you don't want to buttons to get deleted, please copy the folder but give it a different name before you start editing. This way, you will have two separate folders.

If you want to get the buttons back, please revert back to a previous backup:

1. Go to your "Options"
2. Tap on "Backup"
3. Tap on "Restore from Backup"
4. Select a backup from before the buttons got deleted

Hope this makes sense! If you still have questions, please email us at support@assistiveware.com and I'd be more than happy to help you further!

Best wishes,


Peggy Hansen
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Can I delete and existing

Can I delete and existing folder? I mistakenly created it and want to name the new folder the same name, but it says there is already an existing folder with that name.

Pam - Moderator
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Hi Peggy,

Hi Peggy,

To delete the unwanted folder, go to Options > Vocabulary > Delete Folders
If you have additional questions, please email our Support team at support@assistiveware.com


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