e-Learning Videos

Welcome to the e-Learning video epicenter where you will find informative demonstration videos on Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text. The videos are free and anyone can participate. Just click on a video title to see a complete description and to view the video.

** Please note that at this moment it is not possible to get certified for Proloquo2Go. As soon as the Proloquo2Go 4 e-learning video series is ready, we will continue with our Trainer Program. Do you want to be prepared? Watch the available Proloquo2Go 4 videos below or read the revamped Proloquo2Go Manual.


Proloquo2Go Feature Videos

*  Video recorded with Proloquo2Go 3. 

Are you looking for older Proloquo2Go videos? Find these in the Proloquo2Go 3 resource archive

Proloquo4Text e-Learning Videos

Guest Videos

Expand your knowledge with these previously recorded special guest videos that are general in nature and not product specific.

iPads & Apps - For Learning, For Leisure, As Tools for Autistic Kids, and Adults - Shannon Des Roches Rosa (2012)

Autism & Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Research-based Best Practices - Joanne M. Cafiero, Ph.D. (2012)


Proloquo4Text Training Attendance Certificate

Proloquo4Text e-Learning videos are designed to support the needs of those seeking training, both as an individual and for those who wish to be recognized with a Training Attendance Certificate. Recipients are eligible for the AssistiveWare Trainer Program.

Recorded attendance is required. Click the “End” button at the conclusion of each video to have your attendance logged.

After viewing and recording your attendance for all required videos, contact us to request your certificate. We will confirm your attendance and provide you a link to the no-fail quiz. Upon completion of the quiz, we will send your Proloquo4Text Training Attendance Certificate.

Please email any questions regarding the e-Learning videos to: support@assistiveware.com.

Proloquo2Go Training Attendance Certificate

Currently it is not possible to receive a Proloquo2Go 3 Complete Training Attendance Certificate. We are working on creating new e-Learning videos for Proloquo2Go 4, which was released end of April, 2015. At the same time we’re setting up a new way to test the knowledge of the people who wish to receive a Proloquo2Go 4 Training Attendance Certificate. We plan to have this new system ready in the next few months.

The videos for Proloquo2Go 3 are still available in the e-Learning archive page.

Disclaimer: A Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text Training Attendance Certificate is awarded to individuals who have recorded attendance for all required product videos. Receipt of a Training Attendance Certificate does not imply nor certify that the individual is proficient in AAC assessment, implementation, or any other educational or therapeutic field.