e-Learning Videos

Find a list of all the free Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text e-learning videos below. These videos are useful for anyone who would like to learn more about Proloquo2Go and/or Proloquo4Text.

If you are looking to get certified for Proloquo2Go and/or Proloquo4Text, we strongly recommend to watch all the e-learning videos. More information on the Certification Program.


Proloquo2Go Feature Videos

*  Video recorded with Proloquo2Go 3. Other videos for Proloquo2Go 3 are still available in the e-Learning archive page.

Proloquo4Text e-Learning Videos


To receive certification for Proloquo2Go and/or Proloquo4Text and become a Certified Tutor, Trainer or Therapist you have to pass the Proloquo2Go or/and the Proloquo4Text test. 

Proloquo2Go Certification

We are currently updating our e-learning videos for the upcoming Proloquo2Go 5. The Proloquo2Go Certification will be unavailable until its release.

Proloquo4Text Certification

  1. Make sure you are ready by watching the e-Learning videos, Tutorials and Manual for Proloquo4Text. 
  2. Then go to the following page: /support/trainers/test/
  3. Click on “Start the test now” for the “Proloquo4Text 2 Test"
  4. Log in if you're not logged in already
  5. Take the test (Note that you have 30 minutes to take the 10 questions)

Disclaimer: A Proloquo2Go and/or Proloquo4Text Certification is awarded to Tutors, Therapists or Trainers that have successfully passed a test. Receipt of a Certification does not imply nor certify that the individual is proficient in AAC assessment, implementation, or any other educational or therapeutic field.