Don’t miss this! Get 50% off our popular AAC apps

50% off 3 days only! April 2, 3 & 4

To celebrate Autism Acceptance Month we will be offering a 50% discount on 4 of our popular AAC apps: Proloquo2Go®, Proloquo4Text, Pictello and Keeble. Gateway to Language & Learning©, the core word vocabulary available through an in-app purchase in Proloquo2Go, will also be at half price. 

The discount, available worldwide on the App Store, will be in effect from April 2nd until and including April 4th.

If you buy more, you save more

The discount also applies to Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Education. When your school or educational organization purchases 20 copies or more, you get an additional 50% off!

Spread the word

Do you know people who could benefit from these apps? Make sure you share the news about this limited-time discount! 

If you have any questions about the discount please contact our support team at or take a look at our Autism Acceptance Month Discount FAQ.

* Please note: The discount percentage is based on the US App Store. Exact prices vary from country to country. Bundles will not be discounted during this promotion.

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"Don’t miss this! Get 50% off our popular AAC apps"

Rebecca Thomas Bruton's picture

why only for autism awareness day? There are other people with other diagnosis that use these products.

Pam's picture

Hello Rebecca,

We usually offer discounts more than once a year. It's just this particular one is to recognize Autism Acceptance Month.

Five months ago, we had a discount to celebrate AAC Awareness Month.

Please know we value all our users!


Kerry Kolacz's picture

Disappointed TouchChat HD isn't on here :(

Courtney Delaney's picture

Me too! Need to contact Saltillo.

Pam's picture

Hi Kerry,

You might want to contact the company who sells TouchChat HD. We can only discount our AssistiveWare apps.


capgirl 2979's picture

Can we buy this in the app store and save it until we get a iPad.

Pam's picture

Hello Capgirl - Yes, you can purchase Proloquo2Go on your computer and then when you get the device, you can install it.

Jaxson2013's picture

How do I purchase on my computerjQuery18308084710207732471_1491140427826? I'm in the same situation, getting Ipad in the next few weeks but want to purchase Proloque2Go now.

Zamara Escoto's picture

I don't have an iPad right now, if I purchase the proloquo2go how much time do I have to get an iPad? Capgirl 2979 asked a similar question.

anne's picture

Hi Zamara,

Once you purchase an app you will always have access to it. Simply purchase Proloquo2Go with your iTunes account. You can then download the app on your iPad for free using your iTunes account.



Zamara Escoto's picture

Thank you for getting back Anne,
I don't have an iTunes account (I don't have an iPhone ) can anyone create an iTunes account?

anne's picture

Hi Zamara,

Yes, you can definitely also create an iTunes account without having an iPhone or iPad. You can simply create the account on your computer. For instructions, please have a look at this Apple document: and click on "On a Mac or PR".

Do let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. You can also reach us 7 days a week on

All the best,


Alex Stewart's picture

So Pictello will be $9.99? Or do you have to buy the bundles?

anne's picture

Hi Alex,

You don't have to buy the bundle; the apps will all be 50% off individually. Note that the discount percentage is based on the US App Store. Pictello will indeed be USD $9.99, though exact prices may vary from country to country.



Jeni Wilmot's picture

Fantastic! Been waiting for this sale. Thank you!!

brianne.d's picture

This is great!

Am I understanding correctly that if I buy 20 through volume purchasing, I will pay roughly 62.50 each?

We are in the process of moving from redemption codes to managed distribution in our district, so this would be amazing to reduce the cost of repurchasing the apps we are losing during the transition, and keep us from needing to use two different systems in the interim.

anne's picture

Hi Brianne,

Yes, if you purchase 20 or more copies through Apple's Volume Purchase Program you will receive an additional 50% off. I don't know the exact pricing (prices may vary from country to country) so just check your iTunes Store during the discount period.

It's definitely a good time to purchase a large number of licenses! Regarding losing apps during the transition, please know that you will always have access to purchased apps through the iTunes account that was used to redeem the codes. Find more information in this Apple document:

Best wishes,


willvi03's picture

Will the News2You app go on sale, in the month of April?
Thank you,

Pam's picture

Hello Vilura,

The News-2-You app subscription will not be included.



I love you so much Dayanara

Katelynn Graham's picture

Wish these apps were available for Android devices or you had discounts on similar Android apps since not ever autism parent can afford an iPad

Pam's picture

Hello Katelynn,

Please know that we currently have no plans to support any devices other than the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. We prefer to concentrate on iOS and make the best possible software for that platform, rather than spread our resources thin. While we feel that there are great benefits to all the mobile platforms on the market, at this time we prefer to stay focused on iOS as we believe there is a still a lot of innovation that we can bring to the platform.

If you email our Support team at, we can share some ideas for funding.



Kathleen Cummings-Wechsler's picture

How much will Gateway for Language Learning be?

Pam's picture

Hi Kathleen, It will be 50% of the current price which varies depending on what country you live in. In the US, Gateway will be $74.99 USD.

Kez Middleton's picture

Hi will the 50% be applied to the Australian iTunes App Store also.

Thanks Kez

anne's picture

Hi Kez - the discount will be available worldwide!

Kez Middleton's picture

Wonderful. Thanks so much

adrianacnca's picture

Hello, can this be purchased through a purchase order?

Pam's picture

Hello Adriana,

Although we are the developer of Proloquo2Go, Apple is the exclusive seller. Educational organizations should purchase through Apple's Volume Purchase Program for Education.

Apple's App Store Volume Purchase Program for Education. For more information please see:

The Volume Purchasing Program for Education allows you to buy one or more licenses to be used on the number of devices you buy licenses for. These licenses can be either deployed through a single iTunes account for all licensed devices (multiple devices on one account) or through individual iTunes accounts for each device (one account per device).

Know that the App Store Volume Purchase Program for Education is the only way for educational institutions to have their tax exempt status observed for iTunes purchases. In addition, even though Apple refers to it as a "Volume Purchase Program", you can purchase as little as one app license.

We cover this and related topics more depth in our FAQ:

If you have additional questions, please email our Support team at

Kim Anderl's picture

Do you need a code?
Is this only if 20 or more is bought or do you get discount of only 1 bought?

Pam's picture

Hello Kim,

No, there is not a code to purchase a license from the iTunes App Store and the discounted price will be there on April 2, 3 and 4th.

If you are a school, you can purchase as few as 1 license and get 50% through Apple's Volume Purchase Program for Education. For more information please see:


Isaias Nissan's picture

Does my church qualify for the volume purchase program for education. And if so, how do we purchase them to give out to the kids. Do they all go in one account or how would that work.
We have several kids that are speech impaired.

Pam's picture

Hello Isaias,

I am pretty sure Apple's Volume Purchase Program for Education is just for schools. And only educational institutions can have their tax exempt status observed through the VPP for Education.

To purchase multiple licenses at a time, you may consider Apple's Volume Purchase Program for Business. It would allow you to purchase multiple licenses at once. You would then distribute the codes for these licenses to the families, who can then redeem them to their own iTunes accounts.

Another solution which may be easier for you is to use iTunes' "Gift This App" feature. This generates a code for an app that an individual can redeem to their own iTunes account. For more information on gifting, please see

Hope this is helpful.


Shelley Schurer's picture

We bought your app back when it first came out. We're thinking about trying to use it again. Will we be able to update the one we have without having to purchase a whole new app?

anne's picture

Hi Shelley,

Yes, you will definitely be able to update your app without having to purchase it again. Using the same iTunes account that you used to purchase Proloquo2Go, you can redownload or update the app for free.

To see if you are using the same iTunes account that was used to purchase the app, please:
1) Open iTunes
2) On the top menu, go to Store > Sign In...
3) Enter your account info
4) Go to Store > View My Account (your email address)....
5) Enter your account info again
6) Click Purchase History and see if Proloquo2Go is listed

Once you are logged into the iTunes account that was used to purchase the app, you can start updating Proloquo2Go. For instructions, please see:

Please note that the latest version of Proloquo2Go, version 5.0, requires iOS 10.2 or later.

Do let us know if you have any more questions. We're available 7 days a week at

All the best,


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