Calling all Keeble users: Update now to 3.0.2

User input and customization are two things that define the way we work at AssistiveWare. We listen and respond to requests for new features. We provide lots of options to allow users to customize products to their needs.

So we were especially concerned when the scanning layouts in Keeble were not working right for some switch users. If Auto Tap or Always Tap were turned on in the Switch Control/Tap Behavior settings, scanning would jump back to the top of the screen after a key selection. This is now fixed, so you can type more efficiently.

Keeble 3.0.2. is a free update for existing users. 

Please Update Now to Keeble 3.0.2

We want your feedback

If you have questions or if something is not working for you, don’t be shy! Let us know by emailing, leaving a comment below, or reaching us through our Twitter account or Facebook page. We are here to help and always grateful for your feedback.

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