Bonjour la France! Meet genuine French children’s voices Elise and Valentin

Beginning today two new children’s voices are available in Pictello and Infovox iVox: the French Elise and Valentin. These voices are made by and for children.

In Pictello, the voices are available in two variants; one that supports the Belgian French way of speaking numbers between 70 and 99 and one speaking those numbers the Parisian French way.

With these new voices both Pictello and Infovox iVox now offer free genuine children’s voices for 7 different languages/dialects.


This update is a free update for existing users. New users can purchase Pictello exclusively through the App Store worldwide. Both voices, as well as any of the other more than 100 voices, can be downloaded for free from within the app.

Infovox iVox

The new voices will be available without updating your software. Simply restart your Infovox iVox Voice Manager to give the voice list a chance to reload. Aren’t using Infovox iVox voices yet? Be sure the download the free demo version.


Combined with Infovox iVox the children’s voices are also available in our word processor Wrise. Use this great tool if you need support with reading and writing. Please download the free trial to give the software a try.

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