27 Nov

Jennifer, David, Nate, Anne and Origin Instrument's Cathy (our US partner) participated in this year's ASHA Convention. It was a very busy but fun conference. Read about Nate and Anne's experiences.

12 Nov

Through the years, what was once cutting edge technology eventually fades into the annals of history as new technologies take their place.

31 Oct

Anne is our Communication and Training Manager. Together with Jennifer, Nate, David and Martijn, she attended this year's Closing The Gap conference in Minneapolis. Read more about the conference and the sessions on her blog post.

12 Sep

Hilde, our Interaction Designer, visited the TechnoCamp in North Dakota from June 24 - 29, which was organized by the Anne Carlsen Center. You can read her experiences in this blog post.

23 Aug

Sandals and beach towels are being replaced with bookbags filled with new school supplies. Teachers are preparing their classrooms to welcome students to a new school year. At AssistiveWare we have been very busy and would like to share some Back to School announcements with you.

20 Aug

Nathan, our Trainer and AV Specialist, attended the bi-annual conference of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) in Pittsburgh, US with three other AssistiveWare colleagues. You can read his experiences in this blog post.

25 Jul

Just after the release of two authentic British children’s voices, we now have an American boy and girl voice available: Josh and Ella. 

19 Jun

After months of keeping this very exciting project top secret, we are very happy to finally tell you about the new children’s voices for Proloquo2Go. As a first in the industry, AssistiveWare and Acapela Group have developed two authentic British children’s voices: Harry and Rosie.

17 Apr

During Autism Awareness Month in 2012, an exploratory survey on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and iPads, iPod touches and iPhones was distributed as part of research collaboration between AssistiveWare and professors from the University of San Diego and the California State University at San Marcos. In this blog post we provide an overview of the key facts and findings of the survey.

29 Mar

We thought it would be nice to have our first blog post to be about the website. :-)

Many years ago, in the iron age of the internet, I designed the first dedicated website for AssistiveWare. This is about 10 years ago now. At the time, I hand-coded the entire web site in PHP and HTML and made all the graphics for the menu structure with Photoshop. I wanted a website that would display well on older web browsers that did not support fancy things such as CSS and JavaScript. I never expected that the website I designed back then would still be in use in early 2012 ... it has looked very dated for quite some time. However, we have been involved in more fun and more exciting projects than redoing our own website. So we never really came round to designing and developing a new site, until now!