23 May

One year on from Tim Cook's visit to AssistiveWare's office, CEO David Niemeijer reflects on the duty of technology companies to do more than simply build accessibility products.

04 May

How can we better support the development of and transition to literacy? When should we start working on this transition? 

01 May

Jordyn, a college student and AAC user, shares how the power of technology and communication allowed her to go from high school frustrations to finding her own voice.

19 Apr

Today we connect with Paula C. Durbin-Westby and share her responses to a few of our questions. Paula is an Autistic disability rights activist who blogs, writes articles, and speaks on disability rights and autism. She started Autism Acceptance Day and Month in 2011. 

30 Mar

April is Autism Acceptance Month. AssistiveWare's CEO, David Niemeijer, explains why it's important to listen to the perspectives of autistics. To celebrate autism acceptance month, we have invited some autistic people to write a blog post for us to share their experiences. We hope that you will learn as much from reading these perspectives as we do.

14 Mar

Have you been looking for a word? Let us help you find it! Proloquo2Go 5 includes Search: a feature that has been on the wishlist of our community and everyone at AssistiveWare. Check out how cool it is. We think it's even better than you expected!

13 Mar

 Proloquo2Go 5 adds Text to Speech on Apple Watch. Proloquo2GO on Apple Watch now not only offers the ability to show your message to your communication partner, version 5.0 also allows you to speak the message out loud.

10 Mar

Sometimes we have to make hard decisions: we want to keep improving Proloquo2Go, but also don't want to make changes that will be disruptive for our users. In Proloquo2Go 5, the Tools Pop-up replaces the Views button. Learn why we think it's needed.

08 Mar

To make the user's language skills grow, we recommend choosing a large grid size. Hide buttons that the user is not yet ready for, and gradually reveal them as the user progresses. This is a complicated and time-consuming task. Our new Progressive Language feature helps you to hide and reveal buttons in a developmental order.

05 Mar

Even though saving regular backups is critical for any AAC user, it's often forgotten or lost in the flurry of day-to-day activities. AssistiveWare's Joe, longtime Support Team members, explains how the improved backups in Proloquo2Go 5 make your life easier.