17 May

Why don’t we already consistently and thoroughly account for disability in design? Is it just a knowledge gap, or is there more at work?

19 Apr

Communication can be defined as exchanging information by speaking, writing or some other means. It’s how we give and receive messages. But it is so much more than that. It is giving your opinions, expressing your thoughts, telling your stories. What motivates many of us to become speech therapists is the way that communication is how we connect with the people around us. Communication looks different for everyone.

10 Apr

We often talk about augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) as giving a voice, but nobody can decide for somebody else what their true voice is.

28 Mar

 At AssistiveWare we develop high-tech AAC apps for iOS. So you might think we consider that the ultimate way to communicate for AAC users. Nothing could be further from the truth.

01 Nov

This year, we sponsored families to attend Communication Matters. Winners Laura and Fleur shared their highlights with us.

11 Oct

Erin Sheldon reflects on her own journey of presuming competence with her daughter Maggie.


05 Oct

How does presuming competence affect the design of AAC vocabularies? It comes down to two principles that apply to all human beings, regardless of diagnosis or degree of difference from the typically developing norm.

29 Sep

October is international AAC Awareness month. This year we will be focusing on presuming competence. That presumption is really the only prerequisite for starting the AAC journey.

22 Sep

When we start an AAC journey for a person with communication difficulties, there are many decisions we need to make. In this blog, SLPs Amanda Hartmann and Jennifer Marden share their tips for choosing the right grid size for your AAC learner. 

04 Sep

Niveyah has just started third grade, where she is an active member of her class. Not only is AAC vital to her school work, it plays an important role in having fun too!