27 Jan

AssistiveWare's SLPs Amanda and Jennifer look at the different resources of the AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom that can help you plan for core words throughout the day. Read about the Core Word of the Week Planners in in this blog, which help with focused modeling and teaching of a specific core word.

19 Jan

Little Ruby was only 5 years old when her mom introduced her to Proloquo2Go on an iPad. That’s when Ruby found her voice which her mother now believes was always inside waiting to be expressed.

31 Dec

David Niemeijer, founder and CEO of AssistiveWare, looks back at 2016 and shares with us all the achievements and milestones.

22 Dec

Are you looking for more ways to bring core words into your everyday routines? Do you often struggle to think of what core words you could teach and model? Do you find yourself in a rut of modeling requesting, but find it harder to think about other communication functions to teach? If so, you need our Core Word Planners!

08 Dec

Oftentimes our AAC users do a lot of requesting: for food, TV shows, videos. But what about all the other reasons we communicate? Learn how to move beyond requesting and build more language to communicate for all different reasons.

27 Nov

Games are a perfect way to get everyone joining in and having fun. AssistiveWare's Amanda shares some popular games and the core words and sentences you could try modeling.

22 Nov

Every once in a while we face a tough decision. AssistiveWare's CEO, David Niemeijer, and long-time Support Team member, Joe Barnick, explain why Proloquo2Go 5 will be iOS 10 only.

20 Nov
Gwen’s parents committed to not give up and see each day as an opportunity to try everything, so when Gwen got the chance to participate in the National American Miss (NAM) they didn’t have to think twice.
15 Nov

Bonnie Michelli received this year's Carol Villars Scholarship, which allowed her to attend the Closing the Gap conference. In this blog she shares her experiences. "Attending Closing the Gap has re-energized my work with my daughter and her communication device."

30 Oct

We don’t just want you to be a better communication partner, we want you to be SUPER! Your role as a communication partner is one of the most important “jobs” you will do. AssistiveWare's Amanda shared important traits, tips and tricks.