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25 Sep

StateTech reports on different apps and assistive technologies that help make strides with clients of all ages.

18 Sep

The Guardian reports on new technologies that allow people with communication difficulties to communicate. For example Alan is using eye-gaze to select words or letters on his AAC device.

16 Sep

The Doctors features Carly, who was diagnosed with a severe form of autism and cannot speak.

08 Sep

Today we released Proloquo2Go 2.1.2. The update provides over 100 improvements and bug fixes and one new feature.

17 Aug
Enrique is 9 years old and primarily uses the Proloquo2Go app to create speech by clicking on text and symbols. Now that Enrique has a voice, his family has learned so much about him, like his favorite color and that he has a very silly side.
16 Aug

Emerson was picked in April out of hundreds of American boys to record his voice onto Proloquo2Go. Neighbor Newspapers tells his story.