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17 Aug
Enrique is 9 years old and primarily uses the Proloquo2Go app to create speech by clicking on text and symbols. Now that Enrique has a voice, his family has learned so much about him, like his favorite color and that he has a very silly side.
16 Aug

Emerson was picked in April out of hundreds of American boys to record his voice onto Proloquo2Go. Neighbor Newspapers tells his story.

31 Jul

Nirvi Shah from Education Week reports on the new realistic children's voices in Proloquo2Go and how it normalizes kids with special needs to have a voice of their own rather than funny sounding or adult voices.

29 Jul

Katie Linendoll reports for CNN how Proloquo2Go is helping kids with autism, but also with down syndrome, cerebral palsy as well as adult stroke victims by providing a means of communication. She shares how the new genuine children's voices in Proloquo2Go make a real difference.

27 Jul

Article about Proloquo2Go, its features and the new children's voices Josh and Ella. Bonnie Cha reports: The more natural-sounding voices can help children develop their own voice and create a more intimate experience for the parents.

27 Jul

The Daily features Enrique and Proloquo2Go's new children's voice Josh. Enrique's father Josh says: “Going from no voice to the first application was finding … a voice [for Enrique], and now from the first app to the boy’s voice is finding ‘his’ voice. From ‘a’ to ‘his’ is a big deal.”