26 Feb

Kids who have a wide vocabulary have an easier time developing their reading skills. The more words they’ve heard or used, the more likely they are to be able to recognize and understand them in context.

15 Feb recently, it was believed that people with Angelman syndrome had severe cognitive deficits and that very few of them would be able to learn to communicate fully, or read and write. Then came the revolution. Full communication is for everyone!

12 Feb

Tommy is a certified English as a Second Language teacher working with at-risk teens in China. He uses Wrise to quickly create and edit his lessons. Given his poor eyesight and a physical disability caused by a neck injury, Tommy also benefits from Wrise’s accessibility features.

04 Feb

Adult users from our private Facebook group share their tips for giving effective presentations using an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app.

21 Jan
The biggest difference between a Text to Speech voice and a natural voice is that a Text to Speech voice will always pronounce the words in the same way. Well, that used to be the case. Here’s a secret not many people know: most voices that are included in our apps offer sounds and expressions.
13 Jan

Did you know that listening to stories is an important part of practicing reading skills? Librarian Shelley Harris shares her favorite audio options, from listening to audiobooks and podcasts to combining print and audio to reinforce new vocabulary.

22 Dec

Susan Berkowitz is a speech-language pathologist with more than 37 years experience, working primarily with kids and adults with autism and developmental disabilities.

22 Dec

Start a routine of creating a backup file and saving it to your computer or Dropbox account. This way you will never lose your customized vocabulary. Find three easy ways to backup in this blog.

21 Dec

Highly fun and motivating books that will inspire kids to use their words and actions to join in reading while stealthily having them practice their literacy skills.

16 Dec

Recently we asked members of our Facebook group for Families to share their suggestions for fun family holiday activities for our sons and daughters who use AAC. Here’s what we heard.