Road to Proloquo2Go 3.0 - Part 1 - ExpressivePower™

Proloquo2Go 3.0 is coming your way! In about two months, this free update will be ready in the App Store. In the upcoming Road to Proloquo2Go 3.0 blog posts, we will reveal all the new, cool features one after another.


Part 1 - ExpressivePower™

We recently added genuine children’s voices that include Expressions (words that are pronounced with emotion and more intonation). These can be found in the ”Chat” > “Expressions” folder. In 3.0, we want to take this even further. 

Being able to express the way you feel is very important to each and everyone of us, which means you do not always want to say “Mum” or “Stop” with the same intonation. Sometimes you want to express your anger or call someone who’s in another room. Additionally, you may want to use sounds for communication. Especially when you really want others to know how much you like the pie you are eating - “Mmmmm, delicious” - or for kids who are playing and want to make a fire siren sound. 
That is why in Proloquo2Go 3.0, we are adding ExpressivePower™! With this new feature, for certain voices, you will be able to add lots of expressions and sounds to your vocabulary.

New Proloquo2Go feature - ExpressivePower Expressions


New Proloquo2Go feature - ExpressivePower Sounds

To create a new button with an expression or sound, you first go to Edit Mode (the little pencil in the bottom toolbar) and then tap on Add Button. Alternatively, you can edit existing buttons and add a sound or expression. 

On the right side of the Text to Speak field, you can see a little speech bubble. By tapping on this bubble, you get an overview of all available sounds and expressions for your current voice. You can even get a list of all sounds and expressions in all voices by scrolling all the way down and selecting “Sounds/Expressions in other voices”.

By tapping on the speaker on the right side, you can listen to the sound or expression before adding it to your vocabulary. For many sounds and some expressions, we recorded multiple versions so you can choose which one fits your personality best.
Unfortunately, we cannot implement ExpressivePower™ for all the voices. If we want to offer certain intonations, the voice talent who was recorded for a voice needs to also have recorded these expressions. Older voices do not have these available. Also, each voice has a different personality, so what kind of expressions we offer varies from voice to voice.
Read more about the ExpressivePower™ features in Part 2!

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