How can I adjust the sensitivity of the screen?

We are aware that some people want more control over touch response in Proloquo2Go. There are some Proloquo2Go settings that you can adjust that may help meet your needs.  All of these settings can be found by going to the Options and tapping on Access Method or Interaction.

Useful Access Method features:

  • Hold Duration
  • Select on Release

Useful Interaction features:

  • Show Paging Buttons
  • Scroll by Page
  • Singe Page Swipe
  • Repeated Tap
  • Repeat Delay
  • Allow Repeat
  • Secondary Trigger (used for Grammar Support and Actions)

For specific information about each of these features, please have a look at the Access Method - Direct Access or Interaction sections of the Proloquo2Go Manual.

Additionally, iOS 9 and 10 have some systemwide Touch Accommodations available. Changes made here will be applied when using Proloquo2Go.

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