To access Keeble's Settings, launch the Keeble app and go to Keyboards Settings.

If the user can access the keyboard with her/his fingers, take a look at Select on Release or Select on Dwell in the Access section of the Settings. First, make sure that Alternative Access is ON, and then tap Select to view the following:

  • Select on Release keeps following your fingers as they travel around the screen, and only decides which button should be selected when your fingers are taken off the screen. It will only follow the first finger that touches the screen. This is helpful for users who have difficulty touching with one particular finger.
  • Select on Dwell will only activate a key after holding on it for a specified amount of time as set in the Timing section. This is helpful for users who cannot lift their finger off the screen but can slide a finger from key to key to select them. This is also helpful for users who have difficulty touching a button with precision and tend to swipe over the screen by accident.

You may also want to check out Keeble's Access settings. By turning Backspace and Cursor Key Repeat to ON, you can set the following:

  • Repeat Delay to the preferred time that needs to elapse after you tap and hold the button for the backspacing to start.
  • Repeat Rate to the preferred time that a new backspace will be triggered again if you keep holding on the backspace button.

Both settings can be beneficial for users who tend to accidentally hit keys. This way, you no longer need to worry about accidentally deleting the entire text when using the backspace key.

Users who cannot access the screen with their hands, can access Keeble through switch scanning. Keeble fully supports Apple's built-in Switch Control, which allows the user to not only access the Keeble keyboard, but the entire iPad and all other apps that support Switch Control.

For instructions on how to set up Switch Control, please take a look at our Switch Control FAQs.

When Switch Control is set up, go to the Keeble app, and then select Keyboard Settings > Layoutunder the Appearance section. Keeble offers two scanning layouts:

  • Scanning - ABC offers a simplified, ABC keyboard for users with fine-motor challenges who access the keyboard through switch scanning.
  • Scanning - Frequency of use is a research-based keyboard layout that offers letters based on frequency of use: the most frequently used letters are placed at the beginning of the keyboard, saving switch scanners lots of time.

Most switch scanners will benefit from selecting one of these keyboard layouts, instead of using the standard keyboard.

In addition, take a look at Keyboard Settings > Scanning Pattern to select the preferred scanning order:

  • Scan by Row scans each row of the keyboard first. After selecting a row, it will scan each key one by one.
  • Scan by Row - Group scans each row first. After selecting a row, it will scan that row group by group, and after selecting a group, it will scan each key in that group key by key.