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First text to speech voices launched for Dutch children

Amsterdam, Netherlands 27 February 2017 - Today AssistiveWare, assistive technology pioneer, adds Dutch children’s voices to its symbol-based communication app Proloquo2Go. The voices were developed in collaboration with Acapela Group and supported by Nederlandse Stichting voor het Gehandicapte Kind (NSGK). The Dutch voices, named Thijs and Merel were recorded by and for children. They will benefit children who cannot speak and rely on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems.

Communication app now also gives a voice to French children who cannot speak

Amsterdam, October 5, 2016 - Today AssistiveWare, a leading innovator for assistive technology, released a major update for its symbol-supported communication app Proloquo2Go. The award-winning app already gives a voice to over 150,000 English and Spanish children, teens and adults who have difficulty speaking. Proloquo2Go is exclusively available for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Version 4.4 adds full support for French, including a research-based vocabulary developed in collaboration with French Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) experts.

Text-based AAC app Proloquo4Text improved with user feedback

Amsterdam, June 15th, 2016 - Today AssistiveWare updates its text-based Augmentative and Alternative (AAC) app, Proloquo4Text. The app gives a voice to literate children and adults who have difficulty speaking or have lost their voice completely. Version 3.0 brings many enhancements and new features to improve the user’s experience.

AssistiveWare grows its unique children’s voices collection with Swedish

Amsterdam, February 2nd, 2016 - Today AssistiveWare and Acapela Group introduce the world’s first genuine Swedish Text to Speech children’s voices. Available through the Infovox iVox Voice Manager both voices, named Filip and Freja, can read any text on Mac using the built-in speech functions of OS X. Combined with AssistiveWare’s word processor Wrise the voices can support Swedish children in reading and writing. The children’s voices are also available in AssistiveWare’s Pictello, a visual storytelling app that’s often used in the classroom for social stories and schedules to support children with autism.

Galardonada aplicación de comunicación provee de una voz a niños hispanohablantes de todo el mundo

Ámsterdam, Países Bajos, Septiembre 30, 2015 - AssistiveWare, líder innovador en el sector de la tecnología de apoyo, ha anunciado hoy Proloquo2Go 4.1, la nueva versión de su galardonado sistema de Comunicación Aumentativa y Alternativa (CAA) basado en símbolos que ya provee de una voz a más de 125.000 niños, adolescentes y adultos que no pueden hablar. Proloquo2Go 4.1 no sólo incorpora soporte completo para español, también es el primer sistema de CAA que permite cambiar entre inglés y español instantáneamente para dar soporte a usuarios bilingües.

AssistiveWare’s Keeble 3.0 makes typing more accessible on iPad & iPhone

Amsterdam, 15 September 2015 - Today AssistiveWare announced the release of Keeble 3.0, a major update of its accessible keyboard that can be used in any iOS app as an alternative to the standard iOS keyboard. Through its accessibility features Keeble allows individuals with fine motor-challenges or vision impairments to type in any iPad app and with version 3 now also into any iPhone app.

Proloquo2Go 4.0 takes Augmentative Communication to the next level

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – AssistiveWare, a leading innovator in the assistive technology market, today announced Proloquo2Go 4.0, a major new release of its award-winning symbol-supported Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app that provides a voice to over 125,000 children, teens and adults who cannot speak. Proloquo2Go 4.0 is designed to enhance language development and communication for AAC users. It also aims to better support parents, teachers and therapists to implement AAC best practices.