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High expectations

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Let’s get back to the science and learn about how our expectations predict outcomes.

FACT: Expectations change behavior.

If the teacher has low expectations, the student or class will meet that expectation. They will do poorly. However, if the teacher considers their students capable of learning and themselves capable of teaching them - students learn.

It is sometimes referred to as the Pygmalion effect and it means high expectations lead to improved performance.

The evidence is very clear that all teachers make assumptions about what their students can learn, and these assumptions change how they teach and how much kids learn.

The same can apply to parents as well.

So start this AAC journey with high expectations!

These are how high expectations might look for you and your child:

  • Knowing that the AAC user has something to say and can learn.
  • You make time, actively engage and provide opportunities for the AAC user.
  • You talk and include the AAC user in conversations with respect and care.
  • You talk about the AAC user to yourself and others, with positive language.
  • You are patient and dedicated to resolving challenges.
  • You ask for all these things from any other person that knows or interacts with the AAC user.

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