This can be helpful for Proloquo2Go users who want to transition to Proloquo4Text but keep grid-based vocabulary for quick communication. Note that only words are copied and not symbols. Copying folders from Proloquo2Go to Proloquo4Text is not currently supported. 

To copy message buttons from Proloquo2Go, do the following:

1. Open Proloquo2Go.

2. Tap the Edit (pencil) button  to enter Edit Mode. Note: You can easily navigate through the vocabulary while in Edit Mode. To enter a folder in Edit Mode, simply double-tap the folder.

3. Tap the message button(s) you want to copy to select them. Blue checkmarks will appear on the buttons you have selected. If you want to select all the buttons, tap Select All

4. Tap Copy.

To paste message buttons into Proloquo4Text, do the following:

1. Open Proloquo4Text.

2. Navigate to the Quick Block (Phrases or Quick Talk) where you want to paste the buttons. You can toggle between Quick Blocks by tapping the current Quick Block title. If you are using Proloquo4Text on iPhone or iPod touch, you may first need to tap the Open/Close keyboard toggle first.

3. Enter Edit Mode by tapping Edit associated with the Quick Block.

4. Navigate to where you want to paste your message buttons. You can navigate into categories in Edit Mode by tapping them.

5. Tap Add.

6. In the menu that comes up, tap Add Items from Clipboard. Note: If you copied more than one message button, you will be prompted to choose between Create Multiple Items or Create Single ItemCreate Multiple Items creates one item for each button. Create Single Item creates one item containing all the text from the copied buttons.

7. Tap Done when finished.