For example, you can copy a speech from an email or Pages document, then create a new single item from the full text or one item from each paragraph. You can also copy buttons from Proloquo2Go and add them as new items in Proloquo4Text.  

To add a new item from text copied from another app, do the following:

  1. Copy text from another app. 
  2. Open Proloquo4Text and navigate to the Quick Block (Phrases or Quick Talk) where you want to add the text as an item. You can toggle between Quick Blocks by tapping their titles. If you are on iPhone or iPod touch, you may need to tap the Close keyboard button first.
  3. Tap the Edit (pencil) button associated with the Quick Block to enter Edit Mode.
  4. Navigate to where you want to add your new item(s). To open a category in Edit Mode, simply tap it.
  5. Tap the Add button.
  6. Select Add Item(s) from Clipboard.
  7. Depending on whether you copied a single paragraph or multiple paragraphs, the following will occur:
    • If you copied a single paragraph, you will be taken immediately to the item editor.
    • If you copied more than one paragraph, a popup will appear stating how many lines of text are on the Clipboard. You can select Create Multiple Items to create individual items for each paragraph you copied or Create Single Item to create a single item containing all the paragraphs. 
  8. Customize the item(s) as desired.
  9. Tap Done to exit Edit Mode.