To add a new item, do the following:

1. Tap the label of the current Quick Block to toggle between Quick Blocks. Stop when you get to the Quick Block where you want to add an item. On iPhone and iPod touch, you may need to tap the Open/Close Keyboard toggle to hide the keyboard before you can see the Quick Blocks.

2. Tap the Edit (pencil) button to the right of the Quick Block label to enter Edit Mode.

3. Navigate to where you want to add your new item. To navigate inside a category, just tap it.

4. Tap the Add button in the bottom right corner of the Quick Block.

5. Select Add Item.

6. Enter your text in the Text to Speak field.

7. Customize any properties for the item as desired. (See Customizing items below.)

8.Tap Done to exit Edit Mode. On iPhone and iPod touch, you will need to tap Done twice, first to finish creating the item, and then to fully close out of Edit Mode.

Customizing items

For any item, you can customize the following properties:

1. Label field: enter text to have your item display different text than it speaks

2. Abbreviation field: enter text to set an abbreviation that will expand when you type it.

3. Background Color: set a color for your item.

4. Hidden: toggle this to ON if you want to hide the item outside of Edit Mode.  

5. Under Voice Properties, you can change any of the following:

  • Voice: select a different voice to speak the item.
  • Speech Rate: speak the item faster or slower than the default rate.
  • Voice Personalization: make the voice's pitch higher or lower than the default when the item is spoken.
  • Relative Volume: make speech output for the item louder or softer relative to the device's volume. 

Note: Voice property settings apply only when text is spoken immediately. When the item is inserted into the Text Pad, the voice output will match the settings in Options.