VoiceOver may say something like this when you navigate the menus in the menubar: "Edit menu" and then when you navigate to the first item of the menu VoiceOver would say "Undo Typing" and then when you move down to the next menu item "Redo dimmed". The words visible in the user interface in this case would be "Edit" (title of the menu), "Undo Typing" (title of the first menu item of the Edit menu), "Redo" (title of second menu item). If the computer is set to your language those visible words would be in your language and with the Infovox iVox voice for your language would be spoken in your language. The words VoiceOver adds to provide contextual information, in the above example "menu" and "dimmed", may not be translated for all languages so those two words might be spoken in English with the voice of your language. So all text visible on the screen would be in your language and read in your language, but VoiceOver's own contextual remarks may still be in English if Apple did not translate VoiceOver for your language.