AssistiveWare’s on-demand AAC training videos

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Responding to popular demand, our AAC training videos are available for on-demand viewing on Vimeo.

Rent videos for a 30-day streaming period and watch and re-watch them when and where it suits you.

Communication Partner Skills

People who use AAC need the support of the people around them, their communication partners. This 2-part training video will focus on crucial strategies that communication partners can use to support AAC users. If you want to learn more about the topic of the training video, read our blog "Communication partner skills: Do you have them?".

Watch Communication Partner Skills on Vimeo.

Build language and literacy for your AAC user

Building language and literacy skills while keeping your AAC learner engaged can be a challenge. This training discusses key components of engaging activities that focus on expanding language skills while weaving in literacy learning. Learn practical and fun ways you can boost your AAC user's engagement and learning!

Watch Build language and literacy for your AAC user on Vimeo.

Taking Proloquo2Go to the next level

Have you been using Proloquo2Go for a while, but want to take your skills to the next level? Join our senior Speech Pathologist, Amanda Hartmann as she shares her favorite tips and tricks about Proloquo2Go. In this hands-on practical training, Amanda will demonstrate some lesser-known BUT awesome features of Proloquo2Go.

Watch Taking Proloquo2Go to the next level on Vimeo

Getting schools on board with AAC

A practical guide for schools to get on board with AAC: AAC tools, like Proloquo2Go, can be used in schools to support the communication skills of many learners. How can schools get started using AAC across their school? What steps can teams follow? Senior Speech Pathologist Amanda Hartmann shares a practical guide for schools. She provides real examples of tools, environments, resources, and learning for communication partners that will make a real difference in schools.

Watch Getting schools on board with AAC on Vimeo

Core word teaching strategies

Learn more about teaching core words - the building blocks of language. Proloquo2Go is an AAC tool that has a strong vocabulary of both core and fringe words. Core words are those powerful words that are the building blocks of language. Have you ever wondered how you can teach core words? Senior Speech Pathologist shares 4 easy ways to get started teaching core words.

Watch Core word teaching strategies on Vimeo

Getting started with Proloquo2Go

It's day one and you've just opened Proloquo2Go for the first time! You might have so many questions and wonder just where to begin! Senior Speech Pathologist Amanda Hartmann of AssistiveWare helps you get started with Proloquo2Go. She gives an overview of Proloquo2Go and explain how you can use it to support the communication skills of your AAC learner. Take an easy-to-follow, step-by-step look at Proloquo2Go.

Watch Getting started with Proloquo2Go on Vimeo

Something to say with Proloquo2Go – A starting guide for parents

Join our Senior Speech Pathologist, Amanda Hartmann, as she shows how parents can get started using Proloquo2Go with their child - easily and with confidence! Amanda will share 3 key practical ideas that parents need to start. All children using Proloquo2Go need three things: Something to talk with, someone to talk to, and something to talk about. Get practical and fun ideas for your family and start giving your child something to say with Proloquo2Go!

Watch Something to say with Proloquo2Go on Vimeo