The aim of the biennial International Max Planck Research School conference series on Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Language Sciences is to inspire the next generation of language scientists to take on new challenges that will further our understanding of the human language ability.

AssistiveWare’s Alyssa Hillary Zisk and David Niemeijer will present: “Morpheme use in symbol-based Augmentative and Alternative Communication"

Our analyses of anonymized morpheme use patterns in Proloquo2Go indicate that many symbol-based Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) users begin to use these morphemes in a different order than in typical speech development. In this presentation, Alyssa and David will discuss:

  • What patterns do symbol-based AAC users show in their morpheme use?
  • What goes wrong if we evaluate symbol-based AAC users with the assumption that they will or should use grammatical morphemes in a 'typical' order?

The presentation will take place Wed, June 1 from 11AM - 12 PM EST