The purpose of the conference is to give families, educators, and speech therapists more information to support communication and literacy in people with Angelman syndrome and other severe disabilities. Jane Farrall, a renowned Australian speech language pathologist, is the keynote speaker. For more information on the conference, you can visit their website.

To connect with us, you can attend one of our presentations:

Friday, October 11th

  • AAC Systems - The Showdown!
    Presenting: Erin Sheldon and Rosie Clark

Saturday, October 12th

  • Moving on with Proloquo2Go
    Presenting: Erin Sheldon
  • Talking Mats - What are they?
    Presenting: Erin Sheldon and Tracey Campbell

Sunday, October 13th

  • Modelling Proloquo2Go at Home
    Presenting: Erin Sheldon and Carly Hyne
  • Modelling PODD at home
    Presenting: Erin Sheldon and Carly Hynes

We look forward to seeing you there!