The new website is like a new house in which we also redecorated every room. No old wine in new bottles here. New content was written for almost every section, focusing on easier navigation, user needs, and excellent readability.

I am particularly proud of the brand new Learn AAC section. It provides a wealth of material to support the symbol-based AAC journey. Not just in English, but also in Spanish, French and Dutch. Stay tuned for a similar section focused on text-based AAC. We also revamped the Help and Support section for Proloquo2Go, focusing on addressing key user tasks and questions. Last but not least, we reworked the blog section to make it easy to find blogs by topic.

We did not stop with content. We also paid a lot of attention to design. We did extensive UX research for the navigation of the new web site. We chose a new font designed to improve legibility for people with learning disabilities. We optimized the design, text size and images to also provide a great experience on a smartphone. We shot brand new photos of AAC users and their families, therapists and teachers in different parts of the world.

The new web site is just the start. We decided to go for a new brand design, with an updated company logo. Over time, you will see more and more of our materials with the new branding aimed at simplicity, readability and putting our users at the center.