What’s the difference between simPODD and Proloquo2Go?

simPODD and Proloquo2Go are completely different apps. Here are a few of the main comparisons:


simPODD is based on the PODD system. PODD organizes vocabulary around communication functions and the vocabulary that is usually associated with them. Proloquo2Go comes with Crescendo, a core-word vocabulary that uses motor-planning and activity folders.

Digital or print?

simPODD includes both digital page sets and an integrated printing interface in the app so you can print PODD books. Proloquo2Go is an app-only product.

Language and device coverage

simPODD will only be available on iPad and in English for now. Proloquo2Go works on iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPod touch, and is available in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

So, what’s similar?

Both apps use SymbolStix, a large symbol set from n2y. Both apps include the same high-quality text to speech voices, including genuine children’s voices; all of them for no extra cost. You’ll also have the great Support that AssistiveWare provides for its customers.

Are PODD page sets going to be available in Proloquo2Go?

No. Proloquo2Go only has two possible vocabularies: Crescendo and Gateway to Language & Learning©.

Which is better for me: Proloquo2Go or simPODD?

We can’t recommend which app will work best for you. A knowledgable AAC professional can assess your needs and give you advice. Knowing more about the apps can also help. If you have any specific questions about functionality, please email the AssistiveWare Support team at support@assistiveware.com.

Does AssistiveWare own PODD now?

No, Gayle Porter owns PODD. We are simply licensing PODD for use in this app. If you own a different PODD app, you won’t have to switch to simPODD, though of course, we would love it if you do.