1. Make a backup of your vocabulary

To make sure you do not lose your personalized vocabulary, it is super important to make backups regularly. Proloquo4Text makes internal backups automatically. However, these are stored within the app. If you accidentally remove the app from your device, or if your device gets damaged, these backups will also be lost. To prevent this from happening, make sure you make backups regularly and store them somewhere safe. For instructions, including screen shots, please have a look at our Support articles about saving and restoring backups.

2. Make sure your app is up to date

We release free updates for Proloquo4Text regularly. Our latest update, version 3.5, was released in April. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend you to update to Proloquo4Text 3.5. As this version of the app requires iOS 10.3 or up, you may also need to update your version of iOS.

3. Check out our blog and Learn AAC section

We've updated our blog to be much easier to browse - just choose a tag on the right to find everything we have on a specific topic.

4. Update your vocabulary

There's a big chance you want to talk about your summer vacation with others. There might also be some new things at your school that you'll want to mention a lot. Prep a few sentences beforehand so you get to class prepared, and can easily share with family, friends and at teachers at school.

5. Open up the conversation

If possible, meet with your (new) teachers, your therapist and any other AAC team members in advance. Tell them of any concerns you have about the upcoming year and any important health problems. The more everybody is up-do-date, the smoother this school year will go. Talking to two or more people at the same time? Make use of Proloquo4Text's Conversations block. It allows you to have multiple conversations simultaneously without losing any text you have already typed out.

6. Some conversations need to stay private!

By default, Proloquo4Text saves everything you have spoken aloud in its History. It also uses these to make your word prediction more personalized to how you speak. However, when talking to your best friend or your school counsellor, you might want these conversations to stay private. To (temporarily) avoid logging history, go to your Options > Privacy and turn Private Use to ON. You can also apply this to a conversation you hadn't expected turning more private. Just tap on Clear History and nobody will know!

7. Speak all of your languages

Do you have foreign language classes? No problem – Proloquo4Text can speak 18 languages! Simply go to your device's Settings > Keyboard > Keyboards and make sure the keyboard for the language you need is enabled. Most languages have pre-programmed phrases included, so you can show-off a little at your first day at school.

When class is over, you can switch back to your own language by using the little globe button next to the space bar. Learn more about setting up additional languages here.

8. Connect to other AAC users

Sharing with others in a similar situation and asking each other questions can be very relieving and helpful. You may want to consider joining our private AAC Users Facebook group. It is a very active group that's there when you want to share experiences and ask questions with your peers. You're very welcome there!

9. Keep track of the latest developments

As we release updates for all of our apps regularly, it is important you stay up-to-date. We also regularly publish blogs about AAC and we often announce new products and interesting events. Make sure you sign-up for the AssistiveWare News, which is sent once a month, so you don’t miss out on any news.

10. Check out our iPad keyboards

Apple does not allow changes to the iOS keyboard, such as adding larger or colored fonts, accessibility features and ABC or scanning optimized layouts. But since we know many of our app users can benefit from these, we have developed our own keyboards with these options.

If you are looking for such features, check out our accessible keyboard Keeble, or our educational keyboards Keedogo and Keedogo Plus. These keyboards can be used system-wide, which allows your student to not only type in Proloquo2Go, but in every app on your device.