Paula’s words in the interview are still so pertinent to today’s acceptance movement: 

"We need to push forward with an impactful disability rights agenda. One ensures that the gains we have are not lost and real progress is made in the lives of Autistic people and those with other disabilities.”

Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance Month and we are looking forward to celebrating.  We will amplify autistic voices by sharing resources and blogs written by the autistic community. As always, we welcome your input so please send us any suggestions you have. We are also very excited to announce a 4 day discount. Proloquo2GoProloquo4Text,  PictelloKeeble and Gateway will all be 50% off.

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The 50% discount will be in effect worldwide from Tuesday April 2 to Friday April 5. No need to fill in a discount code - you’ll see the discounted amount in the App Store.

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Discount also available for high volume purchase discount

The discount also applies to Apple’s Educational Volume Purchase Program. When your school or educational organization purchases 20 copies or more, you get an additional 50% off. That’s 75% off!


Do you have a question about the upcoming discount? Not sure which devices are supported? Our Support team are here to help. You can get in touch with them 24/7 at You can also read our discount FAQs on our Help & Support page. 

Good to know

The discount percentage is based on the US App Store. Exact prices vary from country to country. Bundles will not be discounted during this promotion.