1. Atypical Son
Kari Wagner-Peck is an advocate and activist and a mom. Her writing will inspire you and help you to frame issues you or your child may be experiencing.

2. Love That Max
Blogging about her son Max since 2008, currently Ellen is juggling pregnancy, Max’s bar mitzvah, and a major reno. It’s easy to understand how Ellen’s blog has racked up all those awards.

3. Small but Kinda Mighty
Deanne Shoyer shares great ideas of how she is using AAC with her son along with other observations that will keep you coming back for more.

4. Squidalicious
Have you heard of The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism? This is co-author, Shannon Des Roches, blog and she blogs about AAC, her son Leo, and all things autism. Plus, more!

5. Uncommon Sense
Dana Nieder’s writing is honest and sincere. She is able to clearly explain complex issues about AAC, about families and everything in-between with humor.