New on-demand video: Build language and literacy for your AAC user

October is Literacy Month! Join Amanda Hartmann in building language and literacy for your AAC user through cool new activities that make learning fun. Watch our latest on-demand video!

AAC Awareness Month 2020: Exploring AAC buzzwords

To help us all get our heads around the common jargon we share, we have compiled a lists of over 20 AAC buzzwords. This compilation includes definitions of commonly used terms such as presume competence, modeling and attributing meaning. Each buzzword is clearly explained with some key tips and reminders. Share our buzzwords within your teams.

“I think I have surprised a lot of people”

Ben plays pool with a mate

Ben can’t speak because of his cerebral palsy (CP), but he’s been using AAC apps to communicate for years.

What is AAC?

Are you wondering what AAC is? Read and learn about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), and how to support people who cannot rely on speaking.