Yosemite compatible versions for our Mac software

The OS X Yosemite compatible versions of GhostReader, KeyStrokes, Proloquo, SwitchXS and VisioVoice are now available for download on our website. If you are running Yosemite, please update to the latest version of the software you are using.
The update also fixes several issues in older OS X:
  • KeyStrokes’ Dwellix™ Right Click works properly again.
  • In SwitchXS and KeyStrokes, the sound keys (volume up and down) work again.
  • The "Enable access for assistive devices” message in GhostReader, SwitchXS, Proloquo and VisioVoice has been updated and now links to Apple’s new  "Allow the apps below to control your computer” location.
  • Our apps have been assigned a develop ID, a new security measure that Apple introduced in OS X Mavericks. You can now launch all our Mac software without receiving the warning message.
All our updates as well as Apple’s OS X Yosemite are free for existing users.

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