When my speech shorts out I use this program

Ann Price is an autistic woman living in Arkansas who made a proactive choice to purchase Proloquo4Text. Like many other people with autism, Ann can use her speech but also needs Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) because there are many situations in which she is unable to talk.

Communication support

Being autistic as well as suffering from a rare migraine disorder, Ann struggles to communicate when she is emotionally overloaded. She relies on Proloquo4Text to help her organize her language, which allows her to be able to communicate in situations where she is unable to speak.

Overload situation

She uses Proloquo4Text on her iPhone when she is out shopping and on her iPad for longer conversations and plans for what she wants to say or may need to say in specific situations. Shopping in a store with bright colors, fluorescent lighting subtly flashing, music playing, smells, sounds and sights can quickly create an overload situation.


Ann realized that being able to quickly communicate and introduce her AAC system of communication is very helpful. Here is a message Ann prepared:
I understand everything you say, but I need to use this program to talk because my speech shorts out sometimes.

Police encounter

Ann also has prepared Proloquo4Text messages should she encounter police officers. Knowing an encounter with law enforcement is likely to be difficult, she can quickly communicate and explain her disability. 
These messages include introduction phrases to say hello, to explain her situation and “I do NOT consent to a search”.
Ann's intro strategy phrase Ann's police encounter phrases
Ann's Intro Strategy Phrase

Ann's Police Encounter Phrases

Those close to me

Ann’s husband is grateful his wife has a way to communicate when it is too difficult for her to speak but admits getting used to the app and voice is taking some time. Ann’s family has been slow to accept her use of AAC.
When I am overloaded, using Proloquo4Text helps me avoid ranting at those close to me, such as my husband. It is hard to consider my words verbally at such a time, and I tend to rant nonsense. Typing and hearing the words outside myself helps me calm down, and still communicate in a meaningful way”, Ann explains.

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