Two new GhostReaders, designed to fit your needs!

We have just released two new versions of our Text to Speech software for Mac, GhostReader, to better meet the different needs of our users: GhostReader and GhostReader Plus.

GhostReader offers many of the same features as the previous version, complemented by many exciting new features such as the ability to style your text, zoom, direct export to m4a files and a Pronunciation Editor that works for all voices (including Apple’s built-in voices).

GhostReader Plus is a full Text to Speech authoring solution that adds tags to GhostReader. By using tags you can write scripts and stories with different characters or easily create documents containing multiple languages. Each segment of your text can have its own characteristics, such as voice, language and reading speed.

We have a third product coming soon: Wrise provides struggling readers and writers an elegant and easy to use tool to support reading comprehension and text composition. With Text to Speech, word and sentence highlighting, zoom and EasyReading mode™ texts become more comprehensible and easier on the eyes. With Speak as You Type, Word Prediction and speech tags, writing becomes not only easier but more fun too.

Have a look at the comparison table below to see which suits you best:


GhostReader 1.x


GhostReader Plus


Localizations English, French, German, Dutch, ItalianEnglish, French, German, Dutch, Italian EnglishEnglish EnglishEnglish EnglishEnglish
Speak text below cursor yes No No No
Global shortcuts yes No No No
Text to Speech yes yes yes yes
Word highlighting yes yes yes yes
Selection reader yes yes yes yes
Multilingual use yes yes yes yes
Export to iTunes track yes yes yes yes
Export to m4a audio file No yes yes yes
Intuitive user-interface No yes yes yes
Styled text No yes yes yes
Search and replace No yes yes yes
Spell check No yes yes yes
Zoom No yes yes yes
Custom pronunciations No no yes yes
Automatic language detection No No yes yes
Tags (adjust voice, rate, etc.) No No yes yes
EasyReading mode No No No yes
Word prediction No No No yes
Speak as you type No No No yes
More info DiscontinuedDiscontinued Product page Product page Coming soon

Speak text below cursor
Due to changes on Apple's side, the speak text below the cursor feature had to be dropped. However, the March 2014 user survey showed that not that many people were using this feature.

Available on the Mac App Store

Both new GhostReader versions are available exclusively through the Mac App Store. GhostReader will no longer be distributed through the AssistiveWare website.

ConvenienceWare website

Together with these two new versions of GhostReader, we released a brand-new ConvenienceWare website. Have a look at the new website now for more information.
Note that we are discontinuing GhostReader 1. Of course you will still be able to use it, however, we will not be releasing any new updates of version 1.

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